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Whether you're starting a new business and need a strategy or simply need to bounce a few ideas around about a new campaign, I can help. With over 11 years experience in marketing, communications and PR, my expertise spans numerous industries and time zones. 

Hiring a full-time marketing manager or agency can be expensive. I offer an affordable alternative to help give you guidance on your marketing and communications efforts. Think of it like having your own in-house Chief Marketing Officer right at your fingertips - I'm just a phone call away!

You can choose the number of hours you'll need each month, or hire me on an ad hoc basis. Launching a new campaign? Run it by me! Not sure what social media channels you should be using? As away! As a business owner, you're not a marketing expert, and that's okay. What isn't okay is trying to do it all yourself. Reach out for some experienced guidance.

Learn more about my consulting services on my personal website.

What Can We Talk About?

  • How to improve your Google ranking

  • The best way to reach your customers

  • Understanding your target market

  • Which social media channels to use

  • How to optimize your website to get more leads

  • How to launch a new product

  • What kind of content to create for your website or social media

  • Email marketing best practices

  • Where to invest your marketing budget

  • How to land free media coverage​




1 hour of phone consulting



3 hours of phone consulting



5 hours of phone consulting



7 hours of phone consulting
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