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Digital advertising is exactly as it sounds – advertising your business to people in digital ways. Big businesses are quickly spending less and less on traditional ways of advertising (i.e. TV, radio, print) and putting their budgets towards online avenues. It’s time you do too.

The biggest myth about online advertising is that it's expensive. That could not be farther from the truth. The internet has allowed the smallest of businesses to target mass audiences even with small budgets. One of the best things about online marketing is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. And if you've set up your website correctly, odds are customers who click on your ad are interested in buying what you're offering.

We're living in an age where you can promote your business to anyone in the entire world, making your target audience larger and larger. Let me help you put together a strategy that works.


Google Ads campaign management

Bing Ads campaign management

Google Grant ads for non-profits

DIsplay ads campaign management

Re-marketing strategy

Facebook advertising

Instagram advertising

Twitter advertising

LinkedIn advertising

YouTube advertising

Why Small Businesses Need to Advertise Online
  • Audience targeting is extremely accurate. Unlike traditional media, where you're targeting the mass population, digital allows you to get in front of people who not only fit your demographic but are also in the market browsing for your product of service.

  • Digital advertising is more proactive. When you advertise on Google, you're getting in front of people who are actually searching for your business, as opposed to passively advertising to people that might not even be interested in what you're selling.

  • You can track how many sales you make. Digital advertising offers analytics that demonstrate exactly how many clicks you get from an ad, and ultimately how many sales or leads you've generated from your ad spend. This is extremely important for understanding your return on investment.

  • If you don't get on board, you will be left behind. The total global marketing spend on digital is set to overtake traditional marketing very soon, and it's already surpassed television.

  • It's almost impossible not to. Companies like Google and Facebook are making it harder for small businesses to reach customers organically through social media or SEO, making it almost mandatory to buy ads in order to compete. 

Ready to Get Started?

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